Pri la Aŭtoro


Mia nomo estas Ronda Snow.

Mi ne parolas Esperanto – ankoraux – sed mi lernas. Cxi tio blog estas de kie mi esperas traduki mia psika Tarot karto legoj. Gis estas malbona nu, sed bonigos.

Dankon por via pacienco

I am just beginning to learn Esperanto. My goal is to translate my Tarot books and readings into Esperanto and share them here.

English is my native language. I’ve studied French in high school and had some Mandarin Chinese classes in the 1990s while we were most active in martial arts (wushu, taijiquan, baguazhang). Even before high school, Esperanto was a fascinating idea. As it turns out, it was far ahead of its time. With the advent of the world wide web, a universal, easy-to-learn second language is an even better idea than it was in the 1800s.

I’ve always wanted to be bilingual, and Esperanto is the perfect avenue to that skill. The opportunity to study didn’t come along until recently when I discovered and developed an Esperanto Course. Of the two, the free iKurso download is far and away the best, in my opinion. Duolingo is also free, also very good…but doesn’t teach grammar background as well as iKurso. Duolingo, however, has the edge in access (it’s online) ease of use, vocabulary building and retention. The two together are excellent – and did I mention free?

Thank you for your patience as I learn. I hope you will return as I bring more Tarot in Esperanto online.

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4 thoughts on “Pri la Aŭtoro

    1. This side project is progressing, just very slowly. I’m older, I have a family, my English Tarot business takes attention so Esperanto isn’t top priority. I have made some Esperanto tarot Posts on my Instagram (@quirk_and_flotsam). I very much intend to get back to this as well. Meanwhile – back to Duolingo!

      Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton? Mi uzas la “amikimu” appo por la poŝtelefono ankaŭ. Ĉu vi?


      1. timothy jaye

        I moved on from Esperanto to Hebrew, French, and Italian. But, I really enjoy restaurant oh and I remember how to say some things and every once in awhile I’ll speak it. So, I will probably go back to it eventually. I also do tarot readings.


      2. Gi estas bonega renconti vin! It is good to meet you. Anglan estas mia maternalingvo – Enghsh is my native language. Mi studis tre iomete de Francio kaj ĉino – I’ve studied a very little bit of French and Chinese. Mi volas studi ĉinon apud kaŭse mi ŝatas kungfu kaj tai chi – I want to study Chinese next because I like Kungfu and taichi. Dankon por parolas kun mi, gi estas bona apliki por komecanto kiel mi – Thank you for talking with me, it is good practice for a beginner like me. Ankaŭ dankon por legolas la moderna oraklo blog – also thank you for reading the modern Oracle blog, fellow tarotist 😀


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